Amazing coffee machines for your home


Coffee is one of the most refreshing brews that we usually have many times during the day. The health benefits and side effects of coffee may be a matter of controversies but without its delicious aroma and strong exulting flavor, our day is incomplete. Many people cannot live without coffee. It helps us focus on important works and lets us gather our thoughts.

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee. If coffee is so important for us then the coffee making machines should also get some attention. Some brilliant designers and techies have come up with innovative coffee machine designs that will enhance the décor of your homes. In the following, we have listed some of the most interesting and innovative, modern coffee makers.

Coffee and tea maker by Naoto Fukasawa:

Anything designed by Naoto Fukasawa embodies style and utility. The tea and coffee maker is no exception. It has double activated charcoal filters, which makes your favorite brew taste and smell even yummier. It can make six cups of coffee or tea. The compact design can be installed in any nook or corner.

Hourglass Coffee Maker:

The Hourglass Coffee Maker is a great option for the coffee lovers. It does not need power but to brew the coffee in it you must keep it infused for 12 hours or more. The long infusing process reduces the acidic content of your coffee and makes it healthier for your body. This coffee maker uses only cold water for brewing coffee.

Bosch Tassimo Coffee Maker:

There are many coffee makers available in the market but none are as simple elegant and compact as the Bosch Tassimo coffee maker. Bosch has always delivered great products that are high on utility and style. The Tassimo is just another example of their excellence in designing household appliances. This machine can produce tasty and flavorful espresso, latte, brewed coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino, and tea. It takes very little time to heat up and the T-discs are disposable. Cleaning this beautiful machine is not a problem.

Digrato coffee Maker:

The compact and colorful Digrato coffee maker is perfect for your kitchenette. You can easily stash it inside the cupboard when not in use. It is available in five different shades to match your home décor. You can regulate the strength and consistency of your espresso.


Coffee makers are one of the most essential household gadgets. Change your old coffee machine and get one of the innovative new ones available at your nearest gadget stores.

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