The most suitable plants to decorate your apartment


Indoor plants are high on demand, as they not just make homes look elegant and prettier but for their environmental value as well. Keeping plants inside your apartment will help you reduce your daily carbon footprint. Plants offer fresh oxygen and cleanse the air inside your apartment. The fresh, green color of plants is very soothing for the eyes. Do a little bit of research before buying plants for your home or apartment. Not all plants are equally good for apartments. Some plants require more maintenance and looking after than others. In the following, you will find a list of five plants that are perfect for all types of apartments.

Asplenium nidus:

Asplenium nidus, commonly known as Bird’s Nest Firm, is a type of fern that you can keep inside your apartment. The best thing about Asplenium nidus is that it is not high on maintenance but looks good throughout the year. You will not have to water this plant more than twice a week. Check if the plant has sufficient water and if the soil is moist. Mist as many times as needed but feed only thrice a year. The plant looks lovely because the leaves unroll upwards.

Chamaedorea elegans:

Also known as parlor palm, Chamaedorea elegans is the scientific name of table palms. Her pet name is “Bella” and she will adjust to any interior. You can keep her literally on the porch or dining table. It does not need much light to thrive. You should mist the leaves in the summer months to keep them hydrated. Water on a regular basis but make sure that the top layer of soil is dry before you water the plant.


The vibrant chartreuse green of this indoor, apartment plants can liven up any interior. They will give your eyes a fresh start every morning. These plants are known as good purifiers of home air. They absorb all pollutants and make your home air more breathable.

Neon pothos:

If you are interested in hanging plants then do get Neon pothos. They have a beautiful and flamboyant green hue. The lovely leaves will get out of their tubs and look good as hanging plants. They do not require daily watering.


Plants can instantly liven up any apartment. They are the most eco-friendly addition to the décor of your home. Buy plants that are low on maintenance for your apartment.

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