Amazing furniture that will give wings to your love of space

Star Trek and Star Wars take you to a realm that fills you with space fantasies. The futuristic designs of the spacecrafts zooming through space make you wish you could do that too. The interiors of those ships had furniture which was incredible and perhaps on the to-buy-list of every geek. That’s quite possible now with many designers and design houses coming up with amazing furniture inspired by spaceships, which can fulfill your craving to have some futuristic furniture of your own.

UFO Rocking Chair


The “Unidentified Furniture Object” Rocking Chair has been designed after the team of designers watched many science fiction movies. They used the flying saucer as the inspiration of this design. Ordinary rocking chairs can move back and forth, but this one can swivel in any direction. The chair is made out of one single piece of fiberglass and has luxurious leather upholstery. It has only one contact point on the floor, which allows you to swivel in any direction. It’s a little pricey – $9,000 but if you’re a die-hard science fiction fan, this UFO Rocking Chair is worth having at any price.

UFO Chairs Inspired By Pa­go­da Structures And UFO


These UFO chairs are influenced by the “genetic mutation” of pagoda structures and UFO. The end result is stunning. The novel design is eye-catching and interesting as well as challenging your notion of conventional furniture. Completely abstract design is rarely seen in furniture but the designers, who have been influenced by the art of Marta Pan, a French sculptor, have succeeded in doing this.

The exquisite lines and the play of positive and negative enable you to visualize this range of UFO furniture indoors and outdoors. The materials used are weather resistant and sturdy and come in a variety of colors. These extraordinary creations can be a part of your spacecraft inspired décor and you’d feel as if you’re in space too!

Soca UFO


The classic hotel bench totally revamped is the Soca UFO Bench. It is in the shape of a spaceship, the ones we usually see on TV described as UFOs. It’s available in two versions – completely round or against the wall and suitable for both home and hotel needs. It could look great in the lobby or reception of a hotel or outside.

Made of wood and plywood and high resilience foam, it’s a strong structure. The base is aluminum and the bold and bright colors make it even more attractive. Available in a mini version too, specially for kids – one can easily imagine kids being excited over the UFO bench. You can buy a few of them and place them in your drawing room or lawn and it will seem as if some UFOs have landed in your home!

UFO Table by Ferruccio Laviani for Emmemobili


This series of UFO tables is extremely sophisticated and reflects understated elegance. The table top is either round or oval and the base is made of wood and covered with a molded cone. You can have many permutations of veneer top and lacquered base or complete veneer or completely covered in leather. All the variants have a multi-layered wooden top and a strong wooden base. It’s possible to have marble or back –painted glass tops too on request.

Wiring the table is also possible, but again, on request. The sizes are varied and you can get a custom made size too, so you can use it in your office, study or as a dining table in any setting– the possibilities are endless.

The Zahra Chair By Odue


The Zahra Chair is a stylish plastic chair which comes as a unit of three chairs. The design is innovative and cutting-edge. The smooth lines and glossy finish give it a sleek look which looks great in any interior, office or home or outdoors. The idea of combining three units to make one is a novel one, though a tad bit impractical, as it will seat people back to back. This makes conversation a little difficult but maybe the seats behind can be used to put something on them!

Time to live out your spacecraft fantasies now with these space inspired furniture designs. You can use just one or two pieces to fit into your current style or go all the way and decorate your entire home with the spacecraft theme!

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