Amazing appliances that will work wonders for your kitchen

What could be better than enjoying a delicious and healthy home-cooked meal? There are many times you just don’t enjoy the cooking process because of the hassles involved. Sure, it feels good when your food is appreciated, but you wish there could have been a genie in the kitchen to cook for you. There are no genies but there are some kitchen appliances which can make your life equally smooth.



Eggs are now back on the menu as research has proved that having an egg is beneficial for health in many ways. Rollie is an egg cooker which cooks in two easy steps. You just have to crack an egg into the cooker and turn on the switch. A delicious rolled egg will come up when it’s done. It’s healthy because you can avoid the butter, just a little cooking spray is required. Rollie comes with a nifty little recipe book too. It can be carried everywhere as it measures only 9.5 by 3.5 inches. It’s a really useful, handy, no fuss appliance for your kitchen.

June Oven


It’s an intelligent oven that does the cooking for you. It’s a computer that toasts and bakes and roasts and broils. The overhead LED lights light up your food so you can see what’s being cooked. The built-in camera recognizes what you are cooking and will let you know when your food is done. The temperature probe allows you to cook a perfect roast everytime – once a certain core temperature is reached, June turns up the heat so that the outside is crispy and inside is juicy and moist. No more roast disasters in the kitchen! It has tons of recipes too that you can choose from.



It’s a device which takes care of the complete cooking process in a totally digital way. It has open source software and hardware which means you can customize it to suit your own needs. You can connect it to the internet, choose any recipe and EveryCook will cook it for you. How cool is that! It can chop, cook and clean itself autonomously. It consumes 30% less energy than conventional cooking devices.You just have to collect all the ingredients needed for the recipe and use the hardware and software to surprise everyone with your chef style cooking.



Drop is a connected wireless kitchen scale that works with the Drop Recipes app. It will work with your iPad and iPhone and iPod Touch(5th and 6th generation), and iOS 8 or later versions.

It has clever features like Recipe Rescaling and Ingredient substitution, in case you don’t happen to have a certain ingredient a particular recipe requires.



Flow is the world’s first perforated self-draining cutting board. Conventional cutting boards are messy and have the danger of cross contamination. Flow saves you from both by draining out the juices.You can wash it in the dishwasher after use to always have a germ free cutting board.



The crux of cooking is correct temperature. It has got to be just right for food to be perfectly cooked. Meld is a fantastic tool which upgrades your existing cookware and stove with automatic temperature control. Its mobile app has hundreds of recipes you can select from and start cooking. Even if you don’t have a recipe, just type in your main ingredient and Meld can help you step by step with that too.



It’s a smart pan which has a built-in temperature sensor connected to its app. The app monitors the temperature letting you know when to flip or adjust the heat or add an ingredient. You can use either gas or electric stove. You never have to worry about burning something again.

Paragon Induction Top


It’s the first induction top with a wireless temperature sensor, which can sous vide, poach, sear and simmer. You can set the temperature on the cooktop or on the FirstBuild app. The temperature sensor connects via Bluetooth. You can be playing video games in another room while your food is being cooked, as this cooktop allows remote monitoring from your phone.

Hi-tech kitchen appliances will make your cooking stress free and you will start looking forward to cooking again. Healthy, home-cooked meals are going to be a regular feature of your life now!

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