Applymage 100 Bulles: A table made with 100 champagne bottle capsules

Applymage Champagne capsules table

If you are on the hunt for a one-off table for your living room, the “100 Bulles” table from the house of Applymage might interest you. Flaunting multiple facets and eye-catching colors combined with the beauty of crystal acrylic glass, this table has been made with 100 champagne bottle capsules.  It is unique in its design and when you place something on it, the whole experience of using this table gets even more unique and personal. The fast and easy assembly system lets users change their capsule collection with utmost ease.

If you do not like the idea of having champagne capsules in the table, you can custom order the same type of table in your desired size with beer capsules, other kinds of capsule or even coins and casino chips. Designer Laurent Bailly at Lyon-based Applymage creates contemporary, decorative, luxury objects with the focus on transparency.

Applymage Champagne capsules table 2

Applymage Champagne capsules table 3

Applymage Champagne capsules table 1

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