Eternal chair by Vicky Gilbert enjoys an intriguing flowing form

Eternal Chair by Vicky Gilbert

Vicky Gilbert has earlier impressed us with his Dizzy side table that was born out of the designer’s own experience in the snow-clad mountains. This time, he has come up with the Eternal, a chair signifying the amalgamation of chaotic human life and soothing nature. The Eternal chair enjoys a free flowing structure with curious and fascinating shape. Designed with environment in mind, the Eternal chair has a free form bent frame that has been powder coated and makes good use of cowhide, a natural by-product of the food industry from cattle.

The cowhide holds on to its natural appearance and quality for a long time. Made using 16 meters of tubular steel, the Eternal Chair by V Gilbert Deisgns has been fabricated of 26 pieces and 27 joints to achieve its free flowing and self-expressional silhouette.

Eternal Chair by Vicky Gilbert 1

Eternal Chair by Vicky Gilbert 2

Eternal Chair by Vicky Gilbert 3

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