Awesome Designing Ideas to Spruce up Your Guest Bathroom

Colorful Concept in Bathroom Interior Design

With Halloween and Christmas holidays heading near, you must be expecting guests to storm your house. Everyone wants to make the best possible efforts to make the guest comfortable during their stay. However, if you own a comparatively smaller guest bathroom, you must try to design and renovate it in a way that it caters to all the needs of the visitors. Here are some fabulous designing tips that would bring the “WOW” factor to your guest bathroom, making it appear larger than life.

Keep everything clean and bright:

Always keep the bathroom clean and dry and try to include clean lines and bright colors for wall while renovating it. Simplicity always attracts people and plain tan tiles with white beaded board wainscoting, coupled with a white tin tan ceiling, will offer a unique, vintage look to the bathroom while maintaining its modern appeal.

Paint the ceiling to match the color of walls:

If your bathroom ceiling has unusually shaped low areas, painting the ceiling in the same color as that of the walls will hide these shapes, while making the ceiling appear higher. You can also alternatively choose a color that is one shade lighter than the wall color to have the same effect with a twist.

Blend the tile color with the color of the wall:

By choosing the same color for the walls and floors, you make your bathroom appear almost double in size. For two different color shades will make the shower appear a separate place, thus reducing the area inside the bathroom. On the other hand, using the same color would make it appear as one single large room.

Use proper lighting scheme for the bathroom:

Lighting plays a very important role in setting the mood of the bathroom. Overhead and task lighting for the sink will help your guests get ready in the morning with ease and will even keep them going throughout the entire stay. For late night bathroom visits and a calming shower in the bathtub, you can even provide dimmers at lower levels. However, check all the lights before the guests finally arrive.

Use Mirrors for an elegant effect:

Mirrors can play a very important role in making your bathroom appear larger and add a glamorous effect to the place. One of the walls inside the guest bathroom can be used to hang on the mirrors either individually or one above the other in the form of layers. Do not forget to clean the mirror surfaces regularly.

Allow plenty of natural light:

Nothing can make your bathroom appear larger than natural light. The bathroom becomes a special place especially during the morning if natural light enters the bathroom in abundance. In order to maintain privacy and allow daylight at the same time, prefer a translucent window shade to shutters and dark window coverings. In bathrooms without windows, solar tubes or skylight can be a good addition.

Hide your cabinets and shelves:

Protruding cabinets and shelves can take lot of space inside the bathroom, thus making it appear smaller. However, you can deal with this problem easily by using storage shelves built inside the walls of the bathroom. This will save lots of extra space for your guests to feel free and comfortable.

Wake up the walls:

By using colored wallpaper for the bathroom walls, you will surely be able to add some space to the room. The wallpapers should be bright with elegant prints like those inspired by nature.


Bathrooms are one of the important areas of a house, so you should pay proper attention to your bathroom, especially when you are expecting a guest. Here are some tips and tricks that would surely add to the visual interest of your guest bathroom and make it appear bigger and better.

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