Creative Ways to Add Beauty and Life to Cut Flowers

beauty of flowers

Flowers are mood busters that spread both fragrance and happiness. From Roses to Orchids, flowers can completely bring magic to your place with their stunning beauty and refresh your mind, body and souls, making you feel rejuvenated. Read this article to know artful ways in which you can extend the life and beauty of cut flowers.

Cutting the stems at a specific angle:

By cutting the stems of the flowers at an angle of 45 degrees, one inch above their base, you can increase the surface area of the stem, thus allowing greater intake of water by the flowers. Water is extremely essential to keep flowers fresh and hydrated for a longer period.

Use teacups to store the fleshy plants:

If you have flowers with smaller stems, you should keep them inside a teacup. These little flowers look extremely gorgeous. You can keep them together by using mini elastics or other forms of hair tie. The advantage of using teacups is that you can easily change the water and keep the flowers fresh.

Open up the flowers fully:

You can fully bloom the half-opened flowers or buds by using this simple trick. Place these flowers inside warm water for about a minute and then immediately transfer them into a vase filled with cold water and allow them to stay for 20 minutes. You will observe that by following this easy process, the flowers will bloom to their complete size within a very short time period.

DIY solution to extend the life of flowers:

In order to make your flowers last longer, add few drops of vodka along with one teaspoon of white sugar in the vase before putting the flowers inside. This will prevent the flowers from wilting. If your flowers start dying, add a shot of vodka to the water and here you are with fresh beautiful flowers once again. This way the freshness would last for a couple of days more.

Use creative display ideas:

You can better present the plants, especially fleshy and juicy ones, by preserving them inside desert bowls. This is a stylish way to add to the beauty of the flowers. All you need to do is fill the bowl with potting soil until brim, moisten the soil with tap water and then plant the succulent into the top soil layer. Gradually the roots will begin to grow. You should regularly spray the soil with water until it appears moist and repeat this for at least one week.

Water the flowers carefully:

Flowers like the Orchids require careful watering. Place the Orchid inside the vase and fill the vase with potting soil. For smaller Orchids, keep one ice cube per week on the top most soil layer, whereas for larger ones, use two ice cubes per week. Ice cubes will provide slow hydration to the plant and prevent it from drowning and damage.

Place your flowers properly inside the vase:

If you are placing the flowers inside a shallow vase, use a grid made from transparent, water resistant tape that would hold the flowers in their position. Start filling up the vase with larger flowers, since they will take up maximum space, followed by medium ones and then finally insert the smallest of all the flowers to create a unique floral accent.

Make use of two vases to enhance the visual appeal:

If you want to add extra beauty to the flowers, simply insert a smaller vase inside a larger one and place lemon slices between the vases. Make sure to fill the space with water before inserting the lemon slices.


Whether it is your graduation bouquet or you anniversary bloom or even your everyday flower vase, these easy ideas will help you to preserve flowers and make them bloom vibrantly for longer time.

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