Bar cart styling ideas for the occasional drinker

Bar cart styling

When you are an occasional drinker, having a bar cart does come in helpful when it is necessary. Although this is just an occasional thing, what happens when you are not using it? You can convert your bar cart into a focal point and make it look beautiful.  Having a bar cart is a good idea, and if you want to get some ideas on how you can decorate it when you are not in use, here are some ideas.

Show off your wine collection with a floral twist

Bar cart styling

Having a separate bar in your house may just be a waste of space if you are an occasional drinker. Instead of that, why not use your bar cart to display your collection. You can add in a nice and stylish looking wine rack on the bottom most rack. Also, display your beautiful glasses that you may use for your drinks along with some of your expensive cutlery or diner set. For the top most shelves, add in a beautiful large sized glass with some flowers. You can also choose to have a crystal vase or a nice think long stylish designer vase.

The dramatic and bold look

If you want to make a style statement, then why not show it out with your bar cart. You can consider a nice transparent and elegant looking bar cart. To give it a bold look, opt to have a black wall with gold artwork. Display your crystal wine glasses collection along with some elegant looking bar accessories.  Add in the touch of elegance with the help of beautifully designed bar accessories. You can also consider leaving the top compartment empty if you want or fill it with a nice vase containing some fresh flowers.

Make it a theme of your passion

Bar cart styling

Every person is passionate about something. Today, you get a variety of bar accessories on various themes in the market.  You can bring in a new change to the way you arrange your bar cart by incorporating the theme that blends in with what you are passionate about.  This will also be a perfect and unique way to show off your passion.  From bar accessories to themed glasses or even personalized decor, just mix everything up together and your bar cart is all set. 

Play with lights for the festive time

During the festive time, we take out time to decorate our homes. Well, you can also consider doing the same for your bar cart. During the festive time, brighten up your bar cart with streamer lights. Along with that, you can consider making different kinds of covers depending on the festival so that you can bring in a new change and look to your bar cart every time.

Drink to the beat

Bar cart styling

For music lovers who are also occasional drinkers, a blend of the two concepts put together will help to create a perfect mood.  On one rack, display your beloved alcohol collection and on the other your music collection. If you have a gramophone or an old record player, you can blend in a retro concept. 

The bedside display for the lone drinker

Some people love to have their drinks by themselves. Sometimes they even love to sit down in their bedroom and have a drink occasionally. Well now you can surely use your bar cart for the dual purpose of a nightstand and a bar in your own private space. Stock up your favorite drink and glass on one side, a nice small sized lamp on the other and blend that in with some beautiful decor that will enhance the look.

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