Be scared, be very scared of the Splash Red Chopping board

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Trust some people to come up with the most bizarre inventions ever! A team of experienced (and rather quirky we would like to say) designers at the renowned firm Mustard have come up with an innovative cutting board that will most likely scare you off at first sight.

Titled ‘Splash’, the chopping board is just like any other chopping board you might have come across in the past. So what’s so unique about this one you may ask? Well, its uniqueness lies in its rather innovative design which resembles (you heard it right) a pool of blood.

The clever design includes a bright, blood red color cutting surface that looks just like blood spilled on the table. But the highlight of the design is the attachment on the side that looks like blood dripping over the edge of the table. Creepy right?

The design of the cutting board is that it needs to be placed on the side of the table to magnify the illusion of dripping blood. The designers have another reason for this though. According to them, the vertical drip on the side helps the board attach to the table nicely, thus creating a stable surface to work on without worrying about accidents.

Salient Features of the Splash Red Chopping Board

Lightweight Design

The Splash Red Chopping Board features a hollow design that allows it to have an extremely light weight. This makes it easier for one to carry it around the kitchen and transport it back to the storage cabinet after use.

Durable Surface

The cutting board also features a durable surface that can resist all kinds of general food preparation. Note though that it has not been designed for heavy food preparation. It is not heat resistant as well, so don’t place any hot objects on it. Other than that, it offers the most durable surface for cutting vegetables, fruits and other food items on a daily basis.

Easily Washable

The Splash Red Cutting Board comes with a smooth finish that allows it to be easily washed after use. This prevents the accumulation of dirt and bacteria on the board, thus keeping your foods clean and healthy for longer periods.

Quirky Detachable Design

Although we have mentioned this point before, we simply can’t resist talking about it again. The Splash Red Chopping Board’s USP is its quirky blood red drip design that can drive anyone up the wall in fear. However, if you are wary of using the board that way, simply remove the vertical drip and store it away. This leaves you with just a flat surfaced splash on the countertop which can be mistaken for something else and not necessarily blood.

Great Prop for Parties

Of course the Splash Red cutting board will make a fantastic prop for all those parties, especially during Halloween. You don’t need any additional decoration apart from simply placing the board on the countertop to scare anyone who walks in. So make the best use of it.

The Splash Cutting Board has created quite a buzz in the market and is featured in many online stores like mzube. In addition to gaining rave reviews by users, it has also been featured in many prominent websites and blog worldwide. Some have even nicknamed it as the dripping blood chopping board while others simply prefer to call it the paint splash chopping board in order to make it sound less frightening. The board can be pre-ordered online in stores like mzube.

While you are at it, you can also opt for a matching Splash Red Spoon Rest which looks like your spoon landed on a puddle of blood which then splashed around, only to be frozen in time that way.

If you want to give everyone in your family a true scare this Halloween, opt for the Splash Red Chopping board created by Mustard that looks just like a giant pool of blood the flowed over the countertop and is dripping onto the floor.

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