Eco-friendly ideas for a stylishly hip home decor

 VOC free paint

All of us would want to decorate our homes with the classiest accessories available. However, not all of the products tend to be eco-friendly. A number of such products available in the market can be anti-environmental, brining harm to your loved one’s health in the long run as well.

An alternative solution to this issue would be to opt for eco-friendly ideas and tips to decorate your home. There are plenty of home décor brands that sell eco-friendly décor items for homes. In addition to buying from these brands, you can also make use of the tips mentioned below to decorate your home in an eco-friendly manner.

Choose Natural Dyes

Instead of choosing upholstery and furnishings that feature chemical based dyes, choose ones that contain natural dyes. You can check out shops in the market that specialize in natural dyes and designs made out of the same. Get a little more creative and you can make your own natural dyes at home. In addition to brightening up your home immediately, these natural dyes are non-toxic and are considered extremely safe for the environment.

Choose Natural Fibers

In addition to choosing natural dyes, consider choosing natural fibers for all the furnishings in your home, including pillow covers, curtains, blinds and beddings, etc. Your best bet would be fibers like cotton, jute, bamboo or linen. A simple change of covers and upholstery can change the look of your home instantly.

Choose Recycled Materials

Rather than buying new materials for furnishings, consider using recycled materials. You will be amazed at the sheer amount of items you can recycle at home itself. For instance, that rarely used blanket can double as a sofa cover while that shiny new bed sheet can work really well as a dining table cover. Old wind bottles can be repurposed as candle holders, containers or even chandeliers. The same goes for everything from clothes and carpets to wooden furnishings, all of which can be recycled and reused again in your home.

Choose VOC free paint for the rooms

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all it takes to make your home look brand new again. If you opt to repaint your home, consider choosing VOC free paint for the same purpose. VOC free paints do not contain harmful toxins, and so, do not emit harmful gases when applied on the walls. In the long run, this would prove to be very beneficial for the environment as well as the health of every one in your family.

Choose Plants for decoration

Another way to decorate your home in an eco-friendly manner is to introduce plants into the central design. Plants are great DIY décor ideas and are eco-friendly as well. They help to add some much needed green color indoors, and aid in purifying indoor air as well. While it may be a bit tough to take care of them at first, with time, you will get used to the practice, thus making your home a greener space in the long run.

Choose reused wooden furniture

Rather than buying new furniture to decorate your home with, consider opting for recycled or repurposed furniture. You can also opt for wooden home furnishings made from reclaimed wood or from wood derived from sustainable forests. The best thing about choosing wood for your home furnishings is that you can swap up a DIY project to make your own décor items, including wooden clocks, photo frames, wall hangings and even couches and beds, etc.

Choose to swap with friends

A new trend that seems to be attracting a lot of green home owners these days is the concept of swapping decorative items. Rather than throwing out old, used items you no longer want, you can choose to swap them with neighbors or friends. Chances are a décor item you don’t need is what someone else wants and vice versa. This way, you can prevent the amount of waste that ends up in landfills while decorating your home the way you like.

Decorating your home need not be anti-environmental. There are plenty of ways you can decorate your home in an eco-friendly manner. From using recycled furnishings, natural materials and natural dyes to swapping décor items with friends, these are some of the best ways to make sure your home decoration project is as green as it gets.

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