Bocci’s 28.37 chandelier with blown glass spheres adds charm to your ceiling

This stunning chandelier comes from the house of Bocci, the renowned contemporary design and manufacturing house in Vancouver, Canada. Part of the company’s “28” series, the 28.37 is a low voltage chandelier featuring a range of pendants that have been made from the classic glass blowing technique, which makes for unique and stunning spherical shapes. These pendants comprise a set of “satellites”, and one of them is a milk white glass bubble with a 20 watt xenon lamp.

Bocci’s “28” series is an upshot of designer Omer Arbel’s hunt for specificity in manufacturing. The 28.37 chandelier could be used for both commercial and residential use. You can hang them anywhere, be it you kitchen, living room or your office. The pendants of the 28.37 chandelier create a hexagonal cluster and you can always opt for the custom colored pendants.

The chandelier makes use of headphone jack connections to plug in the pendants into the canopy and simplify the installation process. The length of pendants is not adjustable, as it has been pre0fixed during the production stages.

Via: Bocci

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