Pål Rodenius’ DIY kit lets you create your own furniture

DIY projects are always fun and for homeowners who prefer DIY furniture kits over the readymade units available in the market, Swedish designer Pål Rodenius has the amazing 2440X1220 “Saw Assemble” DIY furniture kit. The kit includes pre-measured prototypes for plywood furniture and uses a plywood sheet with a big sticker of color-coded lines as its base. You can assemble the different parts of the kit to create shelving, benches, bedside tables or chairs.

The remaining pieces of the 2440X1220 “Saw Assemble” DIY furniture kit can be transformed to a multihued line art by following a set of directions. The lines have been pre-fixed to the plywood. Pål Rodenius says…

The challenge for me has been to make furniture that is as simple as possible to inspire people to build things on their own. I developed this project as a starting point for people who want to get into furniture design and carpentry.

It’s always good to create things on your own and the Rodenius’ 2440X1220 “Saw Assemble” DIY furniture kit seems a great option to do the same.

Via: Wired/IconEye

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