Bokeh lamp mimics flickering flames and rippling water with its light effect

Bokeh lamp by Scott Alberstein 3

Designed by Scott Alberstein, an Industrial Design student at Carnegie Mellon University, the Bokeh lamp produces a light effect that mimics the hypnotic quality of a flickering flame or rippling water. When turned on, the Bokeh lamp seems to be dancing in rhythm, which creates a mesmerizing lighting effect. “Bokeh” is a term used to explain the way in which a camera delivers in and out-of-focus light. In the world of photography, Bokeh is usually rendered as polygonal dots of color, an upshot of the shape of the aperture and the lens.

The designer wanted the users to interact with the light at times when they feel like shutting doors to the outside world and lose themselves in thought. The unique lamp was created as part of the “The Light Project,” the final project of the designer and his classmates’ sophomore year where everyone was given a unique quote to be used as base to design an innovative lighting fixture.  Light always follows the path of the beautiful was the quote for Scott Alberstein.

Cheers! Scott Alberstein

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