Dripping Drama: Claudia Bignoli’s Paint table gives an illusion of movement

Paint Table by Claudia Bignoli

Designed by Milanese architect Claudia Bignoli, the owner of cbdisegno design lab, the Paint Table goes beyond the schemes and gives viewers an illusion of movement. The matter seems to change its status, from solid to liquid, which gives anyone around it an impression of being different every time. The material seems to melt to create the legs of the table. The 150 cm x 73.5 cm table has its top made from MDF and its base done in painted fused aluminum.

Claudia Bignoli’s Paint table looks to be like a floating melting structure with the paint dripping down to the ground. Claudia believes that design is creating interesting shapes that should not only be functional, but should also evoke feelings and emotions. Do check out our list of coolest coffee tables that appear to defy gravity with their ingenious design.

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