Stylish Aqua Care watering system for your plants

Elho Aqua Care

Proper watering and lighting is essential to make sure that your indoor plants stay healthy. If you have an indoor planter that does not have a self-watering system, keeping you concerned about watering at the right time, you might want to consider the Aqua Care from the house of Elho, a company specializing in plastic plant pots. The Aqua care is a user-friendly watering system for your plants. The capillary action of Aqua Care provides proper measure of water to the indoor plants, and it dispenses water for approximately 4-5 days. All you need to do is to fill the ball with water and put it in the corner of the pot into the soil, down to the roots.

The Aqua Care supplies the right amount of water when your plant needs it, making sure the plants stay in good, healthy condition. The aqua care is shatterproof and features a broad spout to avoid clogging up with soil. The Aqua Care watering system  holds half a liter of water and is available in a range of eye-catching colors.

Aqua Care by Elho

Aqua Care watering system

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