Cat Transit System is the Big Daddy of all cat tubes

Cat Transit System_02

Run by husband and wife team of Jeffrey McGrew and Jillian Northrup, architecture firm “Because We Can” works in a wide range of fields with a goal to make the world a more interesting and sustainable place. Their latest work is a Cat Transit System (CTS), which they incorporated into a client’s private residence in San Francisco, California. The custom-made Cat Tube travels across the room over the desks, and has viewing ports, hidden access points and other amazing details, such as the operable wheel.

The Cat Transit System was designed in a way, so that the cat can get to the top of the Maker armoire featuring secret storage apartments. Without doubt, this is something your cat will love for sure.

Cat Transit System_01

Cat Transit System_03

Cat Transit System_04

Cat Transit System_05

Cat Transit System_06

Cat Transit System_07

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