CES 2013: HAPIfork electronic fork buzzes when you are eating too fast

HAPIfork electronic fork 2

Would you like to use a fork that keeps a tab on your eating habits? Check out the HAPIfork electronic fork from the house of Hong Kong-based HAPILABS that monitors your every bite and sends feedback. Being showcased at the CES 2013, the HAPIfork has a sensor in its handle and alerts you with its indicator lights when you are eating too fast. It vibrates like a cellphone and the light switches from green to red to tell you that you need to slow down. The battery-operated HAPIfork offers an easy solution to digestive problems and poor weight control.

The HAPIfork also measures the time taken to eat your meal, the amount of “fork servings” per minute and the gaps between fork servings. Fork serving is the term used to define the action of bringing food from your plate to your mouth. This information is then uploaded via USB to your Online Dashboard to track your progress.

The included HAPILABS app and a coaching program helps you improve on your eating habits. Available in a range of colors, the HAPIfork can be pre-ordered now for a reasonable $99.

HAPIfork electronic fork 3

HAPIfork electronic fork

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