Chai_U adds sophistication to traditional tea serving ritual

Tea is an essential component of typical Indian life, be it in the morning, evening or before going to bed, a cup of tea simply peps you up for your routine work. However, the traditional tea making process is very complicated, time consuming and unsafe at times. Offering a safe and simple method to brew hot beverages, Spanish designer Jose Genoves has designed a new home appliance the lets you enjoy the typical Indian tea (CHAI) more contentedly than ever before.

Developed for PHILIPS, the new tea maker presents an automatic and compact appliance to ease the traditional tea making process for modern users, and that too without annihilating the traditional ingredients and aroma. Capable of making from one to four cups of tea at a time, the inspirational tea brewer gives a whole new dimension to the traditional aspect of tea serving ritual, be it individual or social.

Integrating all the essential ingredients to avoid current problems, the automatic tea maker only heats the exact amount of water, preset by the user to brew tea, making it energy efficient for smart homes. To enjoy the aromatic beverage, all the user needs to do is switch on the appliance, choose cups and spices and press the lever with the cup to brew the steaming cup of tea. The Chai_U, providing consumers with a magnificent experience, represents the modern face of the traditional ritual of tea serving.

Via: Cargocollective


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