Vacuun Cleaner adds functions of a broom for easy cleaning

Vacuum cleaner is an indispensable appliance in modern households, but the conventional vacuum cleaners restrict the movement of users with the electric cord while dusting. Combining the functions of a broom and vacuum together, Portuguese designer Patrick Pedrosa has devised a handy home appliance that makes cleaning faster and easier.

Hailed as “Vacuun Cleaner,” the new appliance comes with a number of flexible tubes of polyethylene to reach out small corners and suck the dust with minimum fuss. Comprising two components, a vacuum cleaner in the shape of a broom and a charger resembling a bucket, the innovative home appliance keeps the electric cord aside to allow free movement while cleaning. The charger not just docks the vacuum elegantly but also indicates the battery status during those extended cleaning sessions.

Integrating the battery and vacuum system with the fan and electric motor at the base, the Vacuun Cleaner deposits the dirt in the broomstick containing the dust storage bag, while a built-in LCD display (located on the charger) keeps the user updated about the battery levels and rate of vacuum. Moreover, the different components of the minimalist vacuum are made using recyclable materials, which can be recycled later to sustain the environment.

[Cheers Patrick]





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