Clean Socks machine addresses the problem of smelly socks

Lately, we saw the innovative suction mat designed by Paionia Furyokuki that could suck the dirt out of your shoe soles automatically. That is definitely one neat solution to clean the shoe soles and save the floor from getting dirty. This time, check out the Clean Socks by designer Zengzhu Deng that complement the suction mat perfectly by addressing the common problem of the bad odor that socks develop, thereby promoting a healthy lifestyle. In other words, the Clean Socks is a socks cleaning machine that removes the bad odor and prevent against any bacterial infection.

Focusing  on a clean and healthy lifestyle, the Clean Socks uses solar energy to charge itself and feature an UV lamp and activated carbon inside for the cleaning process. Once charged, you can place it at your door. Take off your shoes and stand on it for some time. When the cleaning process is over, a light will turn on automatically. When unused, the Clean Socks machine remains in the standby mode.


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