Waterbuoy helps homeowners save water, energy and money

The eco conscious homeowners of today can cut down on the monthly energy bills in many ways. For those who want to keep a tight tab on the water electricity consumption at home, the Waterbuoy by Jon Fraser seems to be a sound solution. Waterbuoy features flow sensors that communicate wirelessly with the Waterbuoy Droplets, which are intelligent feedback devices showing the expected costs, thereby helping homeowners track their energy consumption. Moreover, the Waterbuoy also addresses the issue of leaks and the threat of frozen pipes.

The easy-to-install Waterbuoy sensors keep a regular check at both hot and cold water usage and helps save water, electricity and your hard-earned money. You can fix one sensor to the pipe above stopcock and the other on the boiler outlet. When you rotate the blue disk, the innovative sensing technology is activated and the flow rate is measured precisely.

Waterbuoy Droplets provide the homeowners rational feedback on their usage and tell them if they are on the right track to save some money. While using water or touching the droplets, you can see the glow in three different colors – : Blue if you are saving good, Orange if the savings will remain the same and Red if you are spending a lot

When you touch a Waterbuoy droplet, it shows you your water consumption in numbers. You can check the expected expenses and daily data with utmost ease. The system makes use of low power wireless transmitters and cloud computing to check your water consumption, and you can access the data online.

Cheers! Jon Fraser

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