Clutch functions like a click-top pen, makes ladder storage so easy

Quirky Clutch ladder system

New York based startup Quirky has already given us a number of interesting products, including the Jenny Drinkard’s modular crate system, Anchor doorstop and the Tetra kitchen timer. One of the latest creations at the social product development company is the Clutch, a unique system that makes the best of your unused overhead space to store an extension ladder. Nathan Tomberlin came up with the innovative idea after being annoyed by the clutter in his garage. The prototype was well accepted by the Quirky community and was transformed into Clutch. The mechanism of the Clutch is similar to that of a click-top pen.

Users simply need to lift a ladder against the long horizontal button to lock the hooks in place. Clicking the button again releases the hooks and lowers the ladder for use. Easy and quick to install, the Clutch ladder system works with most extension ladders and is a great product for space-crunched apartments.

Quirky Clutch ladder system 1

Quirky Clutch ladder system 2

Quirky Clutch ladder system 4

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