Close to Cloth combines an iron and ironing board into one flat unit

Woohyeok Close to Cloth

When I need to iron my clothes, I simply get the iron and the ironing board and do it the way everyone does. However, designer Woohyeok, who has earlier given us the amazing Harley-Davidson iPod speaker dock, believes that the iron, ironing board and clothes have different shapes and volume, and cannot be placed together. As a solution, he has designed the “Close to Cloth”, a convergence product of an iron and an ironing board with a flat form for ease of usage. You can hang the ‘Close to Cloth’ along with your clothes and put it to use when needed.

You simply need to separate the iron and the ironing board, and fold the iron along the parting lines. After that, you need to unfold the ironing board, legs on both sides and the electric wire.  Put the iron on the induction zone for around 8 seconds and start ironing your clothes. The project was completed in collaboration with Wonju Sung and Yeji Kim.

Woohyeok Close to Cloth 2

Woohyeok Close to Cloth 1

Woohyeok Close to Cloth 3

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