Flora brewer lets you visually enjoy the mood of the coffee

Flora coffee brewing device

There are number of ways you can brew a fine cup of coffee and while flavor is the key element, one cannot ignore the importance of the mood. Thinking on the same note, Korean designer Eunjin Jung has conceptualized a sleek, minimalist coffee brewing device dubbed Flora. The Flora coffee brewer lets users visually enjoy the mood of the coffee while you get the cup ready. The coffee tray hovers above the water, comes down slowly to make coffee and enriches users with a beautiful coffee brewing process.

If you are looking for something more refined and elegant, you must take a look at the Pure Coffee System “The Tower” by Bryan Runyan of Pure Solutions.

Flora coffee brewer

Flora coffee brewer 1

Flora coffee brewer 2

Flora coffee brewer 3

Flora coffee brewer 4

Flora coffee brewer 5

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