DIY artistic and easy wall art ideas that anybody can do

Instead of getting the house painted all the time and wasting a lot of money, there are interesting and budget friendly ideas that you can use. To bring in new look you can consider various DIY wall art projects that can convert the look of your wall into something refreshing. These ideas and concepts are very easy, you don’t have to be an expert to make them.

Giant confetti Mosaic

The best part about using confetti is that you can play with the colors easily.  In this idea, you can make a mosaic of giant confetti by cutting out the size and shape to suit your preference. If you want, you can blend in different finishes of paper to give it a variation.

For this, you can take any colored glitter paper of two or more colors of your choice.  You would also need a wooden base or a frame to stick the confetti.

Floral Monogram Wall Art

A very simple and beautiful way to decorate your wall, you can use artificial flowers in this idea. If you have a design planned in your mind, you can draw it out with a pencil. For the design, you can choose to have the initials of the family members, an abstract print or anything that you would like.

While choosing the flowers, it would be advisable to select differently sized flowers to make it interesting. Arrange the artificial flowers to the design of your choice and stick them with multipurpose glue. To give your design a beautiful finish, you can use a readymade frame from the market.

The marble art wall hanging

One of the best things about marble art is that it is easy to do. It becomes very interesting when you blend in various colors along with a little glitter dusting powder. In this idea, you can take a cloth canvas, some oil paints, and glitter (if you want).

Take a bowl (preferably a glass one) with a little water and pour the oil colors inside. Then, using a small stick or straw, mix the colors a bit but make sure that they do not form a single color. Dip the cloth inside the bowl so that the colors can catch on. After taking it out, just sprinkle the glitter either as a border or as a part of the design. Leave it to dry and then hang it on the wall.

Yarn or ribbons wall art

For your living room, you can create a very interesting space by making a wall hanging from yarn. It is a very simple idea that allows you to be as creative as possible. In this idea, all you have to do is take different colored yarns or ribbons and a nice long wooden stick. To make it interesting, consider taking differently colored yarns.

For this project, cut the yarn or ribbons into different lengths.  Make multiples of the same length to add some volume to your art. Then take the stick and tie the yarns or ribbons on it by folding each ribbon or yarn into half and looping it onto the stick. For hanging, take a slightly bigger sized twine and tie it on the corners of the wooden stick. Your yarn art is ready within no time.

Turn your old rug into a wall hanging

If you have old rugs that you no longer use or wish to throw out, you can use it to make an interesting wall hanging. Wash the rug before you plan to use this idea. Then take a wooden stick and place it on one end of the rug. Leave around one centimeter from the edge so that you can stitch or stick that end of the corner with the stick.   Just make sure that the size of the stick is a little bigger than the rug so that you can tie the twine for hanging it. To give it a fresh look, you can also consider fabric paints with glitter dusting powder.

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