Do not let your budget stop you from decorating your home


A well decorated home is a perfect way to make a good impression on people who visit you. We put in all the efforts to ensure that we clean the house regularly, but what good is all that cleaning if you do not concentrate on the basic fact of maintaining your house. One of the misconceptions that many people have is that when it comes to home decoration it can be a very expensive affair.

The fact of the matter is, home decoration is not as expensive as you think, you only have to learn the art of being creative and how to use what you have to the best of your advantage. Here are ways that you will find handy while decorating your house within the budget that you have.  By just doing a few simple alterations your house will become as good as new.

Painting your furniture by yourself to get a new look

Painting your furniture by yourself

If you have wooden furniture, you can easily transform it into something unique and different by just getting a paint job done to it. Only investments that you would need to do for this would be to purchase the paint that you want and a paintbrush. To give your wooden furniture an extra special look, you can also purchase various kinds of art and craft materials, which you can stick easily for decorative purposes.

Changing the look of your bathroom

By accessorizing your bathroom with just simple alterations, you can give it a new look and feel. All you have to do is run down to the store and get yourself a nice looking faucet which you can change to give the sing a new look. Similarly, even your shower can be changed by purchasing a differently designed showerhead and getting that installed.

Converting your old bed sheets into curtains


Another very simple trick to help you get a new look to your house would be by changing your curtains. For this, all you have to do is take out all the old bed sheets that you have and cut them into various shapes and sizes in the form of pairs. Then, a simple white bed sheet can be used as a foundation of base and you can do the patchwork to form a set of curtains that you want. Another option would be to purchase some net material for a border that will enhance the overall look of the curtain.

Bring out the painter in you

For the walls of your house, you can bring in a change by taking on the hobby of painting and making new art works for yourself. This is a great way to relieve your stress and tension, it will also help you to learn something new. You can frame and hang your artwork on the wall to make your house look more beautiful and presentable.

Converting old headboards into a new bench or table

old headboards bench

If you have just finished renovating your bedroom and brought in a new bedroom set, the old headboard of your bed can surely come in handy for a new bench. You can go as creative as you want on this front, make a beautiful new bench or side table, and customize it by using paints and various other handicraft items.

Give your cupboard a new transformation

Your wooden cupboard might lose its charm overtime and might start looking old and shabby. Well, if you want to give your cupboard a new look it is as simple and easy, you can do it by just giving it a differently colored polish. For example if you have a light brown covered, you can choose to make the color dark by getting a darker color polish and applying it over the cupboard.

A simple rug can make a huge difference


The best thing about rugs is that you can place it anywhere and it gives the space a new look all together. This is not only a budget friendly technique but it also gives you the flexibility to mix and match the concept for theme of your space in a unique manner.

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