Drink Different portable coffee machine concept inspired by Apple’s design language

Coffee is an essential part of most of our lives. We realize this in times when there is no coffee shop available and we have this earnest craving for a perfect cuppa. In times of crisis, the only thing that can save you from stressing is a portable coffee machine.

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However, even the portable coffee machines are kind of bulky and have little style to offer. In a recent school project the Drink Different portable coffee machine was created which any individual can easily carry along with them in their trips. You can take it with you to the office or college. The best thing about it is that it looks just like any other flask.

School project executed with élan

Looking at the Drink Different portable coffee machine no one can imagine that the idea of this brilliant invention was conceived as a part of a school project. The student who designed and developed it modeled it after the Apple products.

The clean lines and user-friendly design can now be produced at a commercial level as it can make traveling at odd hours simpler for the on the go professionals and globetrotters. It took ten weeks to work on the design and create the chic looking coffee makers one can carry in a hand bag.

The features of the innovative coffee machine

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The Drink Different coffee machine can be used everyday whenever you are driving for hours or stuck in traffic jams and while you work late night in the office. It is capable of being your constant partner.

It makes two medium sized coffees per charge. It is a hand held device which anyone can tackle with ease. It has a built in gyroscope which helps in preventing mishaps like getting it activated unobserved or when it is still inside your bag. The material which has been used for making is similar to that of a standard thermos.

Innovative technology merged with stylish design

Drink Different has several different parts such as a water tank, heating coil, coffee container, coffee filter, battery and drinking cup. The reload station shows the status of each coffee machine being used. The coffee machine can be charged and reloaded at the reload station for making you fresh cups of coffee. The reloader charges and cleanses the coffee machine. You can make coffee without the presence of reload station as well because it is USB ready.

Drink Different is a unique portable coffee machine concept that makes fresh cups of coffees on the go. Its innovative design and stylish exterior available in white and black colors make it attractive in the eyes of young professionals.

Source : Behance.Net

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