Common mistakes to avoid with interior design

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Designing interiors of your home on your own is a combination of pleasure and pain. Pleasure it is because it is fun personalizing your home as per your requirement. And it is a pain because interior designing is a daunting task, as there is a big room for mistakes that can make all your plans go for a toss. You need to know what such mistakes are because then only you will be able to avoid them.

Furniture purchasing without any measurement

You visit a furniture shop and buy random furniture pieces just because you liked them. So excited you come back home and you realize to your disappointment that some of the furniture pieces are not fitting into the area you had supposed to fit them into. You can save yourself from experiencing this disappointment by acting smart. Never purchase a furniture piece without matching it up with the space available in your room.

Painting the entire room at one go

Wow! You fell in love with a paint shade you just saw in a magazine, and the next day you get it on all the walls of your home. You simply went crazy for that color and without even testing and thinking once, you got it on all your walls and soon you start to regret. The better and a wise way out to this silly interior decoration mistake is to always ensure you take a patch-test of a color shade and then decide.

Cluttering will get you nowhere

Every new accessory, wall art, or a furniture piece you across in a market or you see in a magazine, you at once fall for it. So far so good but taking so many interior decoration elements home is a foolish thing to do. You need to hold your horses, think and pick up stuff only if you feel it will adjust well with the space and the existing interior decoration.

Not adding enough rugs

You got new flooring done and it is gorgeous. You so want to flaunt it and you believe adding rugs on the floor will hide the gorgeousness of your floor. Well, to some extent, you are right but adding no rugs to your interior décor would mean you are missing something very important. Rugs and carpets add a soft, colorful and a warm rich feel to the interior decoration, so you can imagine what it would be like to go without them.

Undressed ugly cables

You own so many electronics that all obviously come with long cables and cords. The appliances look pretty but not their cables hanging in a disheveled manner. It is not that tough to hide them but still so many people ignore it, probably they do not realize how ugly they appear in a chic room décor. You can install boards yourself or hire a professional to hide all the ugly cables.

Poor lighting

No matter how expensive and how ideal home décor you have created, it does not appear good if there is poor lighting in the rooms. Natural and artificial light, both are of extreme importance to make a home décor feel good. If not enough natural light enters your home in the daytime, you must install mirrors on walls that accentuate light by bouncing it across the rooms.

You should never rely upon one light source; rather you must have more than one light source that illuminates your room. If you think more light sources make a room appear too bright, you can always install lights with dimmers.

Sometimes people get over excited regarding interior decoration of their home and end up making mistakes. Those mistakes sometimes turn out to be so powerful that they manage to take away all the charm and beauty of interior decoration.

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