Easy ideas to give your home a timeless look


We do not make homes every day, and neither do we design them every other year. So what should we do to make our home look new and fresh in design for many years to come altogether? A simple answer to this question is – a timeless design. As the name suggests, a timeless design is something that does not go away with the time rather it stays with time.Dr Prem Jagyasi shares timeless design tips that you can follow and save your home from the outdated and tired look after some years.

Choose design that has a capacity to stay

The interior designs that you choose for your home give it a fresh or an outdated look. Some designs are mere trends and once their craze subsides, they start giving your home an old and a tired look. On the other hand, there are some designs that were fresh, are fresh, and will be fresh for many generations to come. Such designs, colors, and styles are classic, which are meant to last. Choose such classic interior designs if you want to give your home a fresh and new look always.

Do not follow trends blindly

When it comes to designing a home, do not run for fad. It is one thing that gives the interior design a very short life. Trends come and they go, they do not stay for a long time, only classics stay with time. Classic is a timeless home decor that is simple yet sophisticated, but it is not very ornate, fussy, or opulent. This timeless design style is high on functionality and low on the boredom quotient.

You can mix the past, present, and the future elements of design to come up with a look that is timeless, to give your home a fresh look even after years of its inception.

Timeless design has a high level of functionality

Timeless design is a sum total of sensible, decent design choices, which are functional. This style is not sensational but it is not boring too. To make this style work in your home, you need to perfectly scale and proportion every element of interior decor that you choose. Like the furniture, it should not be too big or too small, and should fit well in the functional space. Timeless design is not at all about overly decorated furniture and walls, shapes, and spaces.

Pick light traditional colors

When you choose the color for the walls, those fun and energizing colors will definitely attract you more but they do not stand the test of time well, and people start feeling sick of them after a while, whereas light colors (white, cream) look and feel good always. Neutral colors accentuate a space and do not overpower it. Moreover, the light colors on the walls serve as a perfect backdrop for all things you choose for your home like the furnishing, colourful artwork, statues, or busts.

Use classic style but do not overcrowd the space

Strong columns, stripes, busts, statues, and architectural moldings on the roof define the classic style of interior decor. The carpets, rugs, curtains, and the wall color should complement the architecture. To create a balance between the architecture and the interior decor, visualize your home as a mannequin and add things step by step. While adding interior decoration elements make sure you do not do the unnecessary additions, as this could overcrowd the space in a room and will give your home a shabby look.


A classic, sophisticated look is a timeless design best suited for a home that you do not intend to remodel every few years. Fads and trends come and go, but a classic, simple and sophisticated look stays on.

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