Unique Kitchen Cabinets You’d Love to Install in Your Home

 kitchen cabinets Designed by Toyo

Most of us opt for standard kitchens that just do their job perfectly. However, others tend to differ a bit and choose kitchens that actually tell us a story when we walk into the cooking space. Creative, innovative and right out of the box, these words would come to your mind when you look at these kitchens. Here are some of those unique kitchens you have probably not even heard of till now.

Floating Structures

Take the unique 36E8 Kitchen Suite design by Lagos that reflects the colors, gloss and sheen of contemporary kitchens worldwide. The concept aims to take minimalism to the next level by opting for wall-mounted structures and cabinets that would help maximize the floor space. The geometrical pattern adopted for the structures resembles a slick pixilated video game at its best. Definitely, a striking concept for the kitchen we say.

Mismatched DIY Cabinets

Another unique kitchen concept involves incorporating mismatched DIY cabinets made of wood, metal, recycled shipping crates and much more. You can hunt around for reusable cabinets in thrift furniture shops and add them to the kitchen to make it really stand out. The more mismatched they are, the better they would look against a sober background.

Luxury Glass Fittings

If you are aiming for luxury, here is a unique idea for your kitchen involving glass fittings. Designed by Toyo, the Isola Linear kitchen concept makes use of a cantilevered structure that works as a stacked, floating structure. Toyo completed the look with Venetian glass mosaic cabinets with over five types of etchings to make them stand out.

Storybook Concept

Have you seen the movie The “Flinstones?” Well, that is what you are going to remember, once you step inside this storybook concept kitchen. It comes with cabinets that look as if they do not exist at all. Sourced directly from the earth, the compartments are etched into the wall beneath countertops and the curved sink to resemble open shelving that looks almost too adorable to believe.

Reclaimed Wood Structures

Want to do your bit to save the environment, opt for reclaimed wooden cabinets and compartments for your kitchen. Take this kitchen design for example. Most of the cabinets in this kitchen are made of reused wood taken from old barns, felled trees and discarded furniture. The repurposed wood gives a natural grainy look to the cabinets, making the interiors look more eco-friendly in the process.

Contemporary Rustic Looks

Some of us want a kitchen that looks both rustic and contemporary at the same time. This kitchen design seems to take a leaf out of that book and to achieve the perfect look. The country style rusticity blends in beautifully with the sleek designs, clean lines and the modern technology we use today. The wooden beams of an old growth tree shield the contemporary style cabinets, thereby adding just the right amount of both designs to complete a wonderful, unique look.

Gothic Kitchens

The tricky thing about gothic kitchen designs is that you need to get them just right. While too less would not let you get the perfect look, too much of it would make your kitchen look dark and foreboding. Take this kitchen design for example that has just the right amount of Gothic touch to it to make your jaws drop in wonder. The owners hand-stained the kitchen cabinets and then textured then with steel wool. The dark wood trim around the refrigerator and microwave as well as the arched glass o the cabinet doors add to the look.


Kitchen is the most important room in the house they say. Therefore, there is no harm in opting for a unique design or concept to make it pop and stand out. These designs are unique and could help become an inspiration for the kitchen you have always desired to own.

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