Eco friendly Seilfaktur furniture collection made using leftover rope

More and more designers nowadays are looking to discarded objects to create beautiful and functional units for living spaces. Angelika Hess, a student at Hochschule’s Interior Architecture program, has chosen the leftover rope to create a new line of furniture dubbed Seilfaktur, which is elegant and equally functional. The stunning Seilfaktur collection includes three different creations – Liesl, Seilschaft and Betthupferl. The thick knitted patterns used for these pieces are simply eye-catching and the collection could be used for any residential or commercial spaces.

The Liesl is created from a long sock, which Angelika Hess has filled in with stuffed ball shaped forms to make the cushion. To create the Seilschaft, large sections of PVC pipe were added for the extra support. Moreover, you can change the size of the pipe and pattern to suit your seating requirements. Finally comes the Betthupferl, which is a lighting unit made with electrical wiring and metal to offer support.

Via: Core77

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