Unplugged workspace by Eddi Törnberg generates energy from daily activities

Energy-generating furniture units aren’t a new concept at all, and the new Unplugged workstation by Swedish student Eddi Törnberg functions on the same idea. While it’s primarily targeted for office use, you could also use it inside your home. This workspace generates energy by making use of our daily activities to provide juice to our office gadgetry. Inspired by the quote “Human nature is above all things lazy” by Harriet Beecher Stowe, Törnberg aims to show that we can generate energy easily by doing the things we do on daily basis.

The Unplugged workspace generates electricity in three different ways – from piezoelectricity from the carpet generated while walking, the chair using the Seebeck effect and the flower through photosynthesis. By harnessing energy, this unique workstation adds more significance to its artistic value. The eco conscious homeowner of today has many options to go green, and the Unplugged by Eddi Törnberg seems to be a great addition to any home office.

Via:  Desin-Milk/TrendHunter

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