Electrolux Design Lab 2012: Spill water salvaging planter pot

Electrolux Design Lab, the global design competition held every year, asks design students to conceptualize home appliances that could offer a “fuller sensory experience”. This year, the jury will pay special attention to the concept aesthetics and the usage of textures and surface materials. The Spill by John Chen, a third year Industrial Design student from Massey University Wellington, New Zealand, is one of the entries for the “Electrolux 2012 Design Lab: Sensory Experience in the Kitchen”. The Spill is basically a water salvaging planter pot that makes intelligent use of the spilt water in the kitchen.

Spill uses its infrared sensors to discover any spilt water on a kitchen bench and then, this suction bot retrieves the spilt water and directs it to the planter hub. This water is then mixed with necessary nutrients to help plants and herbs grow healthy. The glass light meters on the Spill indicate the water and nutrient levels. The misting and condensation of the glass case adds to its aesthetics.

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