Playful Les frères Plo furniture by Gaspard Graulich

Playful furniture units have always caught my attention and if they are minimalist too, there is nothing better to ask for. Furniture designers have been continuously trying to bring some kind of ingenuity to the traditional home décor stuff. The Les frères Plo (aka Plo Brothers) furniture collection designed by Gaspard Graulich has been conceived as a family of pet furniture. Featuring a basic interlocking system, a range of colors and pleasant proportions, the Les frères Plo collection aims to add fun and liveliness to your décor.

The collection includes playful side tables thought of as storage units that convey a feeling of sturdy construction. Each piece in the collection has been kept intact with the colorful metal binders that come with dour legs. A handle on the top of every unit makes it easy for you to move them around the house to suit your needs.

Via: Pursuitist

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