Energy saving fridge adds spontaneity to modern cooking spaces


Nowadays, homes have been designed to bridge the gap between living and cooking space, where kitchen appliances become decorative pieces to enhance the overall interior of the apartment. Conceived by Czech designer Jakub Mikuláštík, the energy efficient fridge is a smart appliance that apart from saving energy also presents a functional and artistic design.

Featuring a transparent door to locate and pull out groceries with minimum fuss, the fridge concept saves the energy that users waste while locating groceries in different compartments. All you need to do is press the open/close button once to turn on the lights. The lights make the door transparent, so users could rotate the shelves (by pressing the arrow buttons) to have a glimpse of the groceries without opening the door. Once you locate the desired groceries, you can open the refrigerator, by pressing the open/close button twice, to take them out without wasting any time and thus energy.

On the other hand, the freezer is comprised with two rotating shelves, each containing five boxes, to store different types of food, such as meat, fish, vegetable and fruits, separately. The energy efficient fridge touts a curvaceous form that would not just give an elegant look to modern interiors, but also make the cooking space more spontaneous and user-friendly.

[Cheers Jakub]


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