Evolvex lets homeowners design their own furniture online

When we think of buying custom furniture, the very first name that strikes most of us is Ikea, the furniture giant that lately added augmented reality to its 2013 product catalog to make the things even better. In case, you want some good alternative to Ikea, you need to check out Evolvex, an Australian design studio that lets you create your own furniture with utmost ease. Once you have designed the furniture of your liking, the company will ship it to you in the Flatpack form, along with the all the assemble guidelines created according to your custom design. Now, that sounds interesting.

Priyanka Rao, co-founder of Evolvex, says that Evolvex came into existence owing to a bad furniture shopping experience. The good folks behind Evolvex were not able to find high quality at a reasonable price on the shelves, so they thought of offering people a chance to design furniture on their own through Evolvex. The design studio is offering Evolvex Designer, a web-based tool that makes the furniture customization process as easy as possible. Users can play with the modular parts to design furniture online.

Other than the design tool, customers can also get in touch with the folks at Evolvex through phone or email to discuss their needs. You can also arrange a video chat on Skype. The Evolvex range is made from environmentally friendly MDF. Sudhindra Rao is the founder of Luxmy Furniture, the maker of the Evolvex by Luxmy brand.

Via: Wired

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