Add fun and light to your space with the Moree Lounge tables

Whether you place them in the backyard or inside the living room, the Moree Lounge light tables add vibrancy to any space. The Moree Lounge line includes a number of illuminated designs for the perfect lounge style. These light tables feature seemingly resonating tabletop element and a solid rectangular stainless steel leg, which are connected by a slim metal rod. The new light tables from the German label Moree are available in the heights of 45, 55, 75 and 105 cm. The multicolor LED lets the Lounge tables create mood lighting in all the colors, including white. The color selection and light intensity can be adjusted with the help of a remote control.

The Lounge 45 and Lounge 55 are perfect to be used as side tables and can be placed by a chair or sofa. The Lounge 75 makes for a great lounge table where you can dine and wine with your near and dear ones. The Lounge 105 is designed as a bar table to add zing to your cocktail parties. All the four illuminated tables create a relaxing and inviting environment through indirect, atmospheric lighting. You can go either for the indoor version or for the waterproof outdoor version.

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