Equilibrist coffee table creates the illusion of equilibrium

The latest addition to the ever-growing family of the most beautiful and functional coffee tables is the Equilibrist multipurpose coffee table. Designed by Amir Rahbar, the innovative coffee table gives an illusion of equilibrium with very few points of support, as seen with an acrobat in the circus who performs stunning balancing feats. The Equilibrist coffee table stands on one foot instead of four that are normally required for the support. The same has been accomplished by recessing the support to a concentric mirror polished cylinder inside the body of the table. This technique creates an illusion as if the coffee table is resting on one point of contact.

Made from polished and brushed bless steel and acid etched safety glass, the Equilibrist coffee table is born from a single sheet of stainless steel, thereby cutting down on wastage during manufacturing. The Equilibrist can be made in many material and its top can be illuminated with LED or small fluorescent tubes to offer a soothing glow to your space.

Via: WAN

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