Origami inspired Orri coffee table has V-pockets for newspapers

Here is yet another coffee table design that will surely become the focal point of your room and start conversations. Designed by Boris Ignatov, the Orri coffee table takes inspiration from the lightness and classiness of origami. The Orri combines the coffee table and the newspaper rack functionality into one stylish unit. The minimalist and multipurpose design of the Orri coffee table lets you serve coffee to your guests in a stylish way while holding your media simultaneously. The space within the table forms V-shaped pockets to hold newspapers, magazines and other printed stuff.

The concealed wheels let you move the table easily from one place to the other. The Orri coffee table comes apart for easy handling, shipping and storage. While the standard colors are piano black, 2011 orange and soft white, you can go for the color of your liking from their Pantone and RAL color charts.


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