Ex-prisoners get back to the social world with a funky furniture line

Marni metal framed Chairs

Deviating from its luxury ladies and man’s wear to a whole new genre, Milan-based fashion brand Marni has debuted the second incarnation of its furniture line, which comprises 100 metal-framed chairs. Launched at Milan’s design week, the new furniture line was handmade by ex-prisoners looking for rehabilitation and getting back to the regular, social world.

Entwined with bright, pop-hued PVC cords in Columbia styles, the colorful seats not only makes a creative furniture line but also helps in reviving the life of prisoners who usually feel neglected in the society.  Collaborating with the Education Department of the Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, the fashion label Marni has also produced a series of mini-robots and figurines called the “Inhabi-tants: The Migrating Multitude” from abandoned scraps.

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