Chic La Boite workstation doubles as a surround sound system

Don’t have enough space in your apartment to enjoy the luxury of a separate computer unit and a surround sound system, have a look at the multifunctional workstation that is sure to grab your attention with its look and utility. Combining a table with a speaker system into a single unit, the “Chic La Boite Concept LD 120” is an efficient workstation that connecting to your laptop lets you enjoy quality sound.

Featuring an elegant, minimalist design, the utility workstation is made using foam and natural leather to reduce annoying vibrations, so you can fully concentrate on your work. Just ideal for small home offices, the workstation hooks up your laptop to the speaker system through a USB-powered converter. The digital-to-analog converter comes built-in with a Hi-Fi sound card, enabling the user to connect all kinds of notebooks without any hassle.

Integrating headphone jack to make it compatible with mobile devices, the workstation also includes an active 2.1 sound system, together with two 25 watt amplifiers and one 70 watt amplifier, backed by seven exclusive drivers, to amplify speakers located all around the unit. The hi-tech workstation is available online for around $1242.

Via: Chipchick

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