Gabion Grilling Station ideas for your outdoor kitchen

In Italian, the word Gabion means a big cage, which is a rock filled wired cage. Over the years, this idea has transformed and has now reached our homes in the form of a grilling station.  Having an outdoor kitchen is very common in homes that have a backyard. While there are various outdoor kitchen ideas, there is nothing better than having one that allows you to grill your favorite foods in the best way.

An outdoor grilling station is a lot of fun. It gives us a chance to plan a perfect afternoon with our family and friends. During the summers, having a gabion in your backyard is not a bad idea, and if you are looking for some ideas for a cool outdoor kitchen with a gabion, then these ideas may help you in getting a head start.

The Angular Gabion Grilling station

If you have a staircase that leads to the back or front entrance of your house, you can create a nice outdoor kitchen and gabion grilling station with an angular look. You can consider keeping multiple counter tops with different kinds of outdoor kitchen appliances including one section for the Gabian grilling station. For those who love to sip on some alcohol, why not make a small bar just next to your outdoor kitchen so that you serve your drinks and fresh snacks all together.

The L-Shaped grilling station

For those who do not want to lose out on too much of space and have a provision for an L-Shaped kitchen, then this idea will surely help you out. For this idea, you can have the gabion grilling station on one side and on the other side a small stove or even a little counter to store your plates and crockery. For the frame of the counter, you can use bricks or rocks or even steel or wood depending on your budget.

Add some curves to your outdoor kitchen

For outdoor areas where you have a curve or circular kind of landscaping, you can use the space to create a nice gabion grilling station. There is no end to the kind of themes you can think about with a nice curvy outdoor kitchen. To add to the look, you can consider multi-leveled counters, a nice landscaping design and use bricks, stones and other such materials to create the frame of your counter. While on one side you have the kitchen, you can create a seating area on the other side by having a countertop and some stools.

The Gabion grill and fire pit

During the winters, there is nothing better than having a fire pit. Now, you can change the same thing by adding a gabion grill. This will give you a perfect chance to spend some quality time with your family and enjoy hot snacks. While your fire pit can be in the middle of your outdoor seating arrangements, your Gabian grill can be placed on the side of the seating arrangements.

A storage and gabion grilling station in one

Looking for a storage space to stock up wood for the winters, then this idea is ideal. In this concept, you can have a storage area under the Gabian grilling station. This not only saves you place, but also gives you a chance to stock up in advance. Apart from firewood, you can also use this space to store various other necessities. If you want additional space, create an extra cabinet on the side and you have enough of place to keep anything you want.

Gabion Grilling station Island

In this idea, you not only have the benefit of having a Gabion grilling station but also an island for that perfect finish. The island can be placed on either sides of the grilling station along with some chairs so that you can sit down and enjoy your evening with a nice hot snack and a drink. If you want to take things to a different level, you can also add a small outdoor entertainment unit along with a decently sized TV. This will be a perfect idea if you want to sit down and enjoy your favorite movie or game with your family and friends.

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