Give your fridge a new makeover with these simple yet effective tips


Due to constant use, even a refrigerator may lose its color over time and start to look very old. If you are one of those who are making a change in their kitchen and do not have a very high budget, you can make your old fridge look new with a few makeover ideas. These will not only give your fridge a new look, but they might also prove to be a perfect DIY project to do with your kids. These budget friendly ideas will surely bring a difference to your kitchen and you can finish them in just a few hours or a day. Let us look at some fridge makeover ideas that can convert your old fridge into a new one.

A chalkboard fridge

Having a chalkboard in your kitchen can be helpful. It is perfect if you have kids at home and want to keep them busy while you cook. You can also use the chalkboard to make notes or keep a track of what you need. All you have to do is get a chalkboard that will fit the size of your fridge and make a new fridge door with it. You can also combine it by putting two different chalkboards where you can use one to decide the menu for the day and the other with a to-do and must get list.

Cabinetry paneled fridge

Want an elegant looking fridge without spending too much on it? This idea will be perfect for you. You can create a cabinetry look by using wood sheets on the door of the fridge. To give it that special touch, you can accessorize it with a classic handle. Another good idea would be to make a bordered design on the edges of the fridge and you have a classic design.

A beer safe

A small sized fridge will be a perfect base for your beer safe. Beer lovers will love this idea since it looks attractive. You can decorate the door of the fridge with a black base and highlight it with a nice white or gold colored frame sticker. You can also paint the frame and create a nice simple design just below the font.

The wallpaper fridge

A very economical and pocket friendly idea, all you have to do is choose the wallpaper that you like and paste it on the sides and front of the fridge. For that special touch, you can stick some beads or any other such decorative materials to make it look like a designer piece. With this project, you can surely let your creativity run wild.

The photo collection magnets

A photo collage is always special; what is better than to have all your special memories in front of you. This makeover is not only budget friendly but also a very sweet concept. You either have the option to place small photos of your special moments with your loved ones or you can make it a little innovative by adding some special notes and one-liners to your photos.

Your special fridge cabinet

If you have space for a cabinet, then all you have to do is to place the fridge inside it. However, if you want to get that same feel, then why not convert the exteriors of the fridge to look like a cabinet. You can easily design it to suit the décor of your kitchen.

The Golden touch and finish

Gold is a color that blends in well with any color and gives a rich look. You can give your old fridge a beautiful makeover by giving it a golden touch. You can spray paint the exteriors of the fridge. You can go the extra mile by adding that special touch and finish with some contrasting color design that give it a better look. Another good idea would be to use different hues of gold to give it a shaded effect.

Why not add some tape

Another simple and budget friendly idea would be to get colored tape and stick it on the fridge. First, you need to clean the exteriors of the fridge properly. Then you should cut strips of tape and place it either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. You can use a single color or multi colored tape. One more idea would be to use some small sized decorative stickers to give the strips a different look.

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