Gothic home decorating ideas

gothic home decorating ideas

Interior decoration of utmost importance if you have recently bought a new home. If you do not want to decorate your home with typical decorations, you might like to go with the Gothic interior decoration, which is much in trend now days. However, such type of interior décor can be challenging even for a professional interior decorator.  You can either go with a gravestone etched art, a Gothic-Victorian theme or a dark dungeon look. Whatever you choose,  you can follow the ideas given below to give your home the kind of look you want.

  • Paint on walls

Black is the color that immediately comes to mind when talking of a gothic theme. However, this is not the only color to select for painting the walls of your house. You can also go with blue, purple, red, ruby, orange, gold, burgundy and dark green or other dark or vibrant hues.

  • Candles and candlesticks

A mysterious look will be created by making use of candles and candlesticks in your home. A candle glow creates a dark illusion in a room and gives a spooky feel that fit well with the gothic theme. Make use of pewter or wrought iron candle stands to give a rusty old look to your home that will perfectly match with the theme.

  • Decorations

For gothic themed decors, you can visit the art galleries either in person or online and look for gothic era art including paintings, sculptures, figurines, and pick the ones that according to you will enhance your gothic theme.

  • Living rooms

Entertain your guests in in a gothic living room, which is decorated with oak and mahogany furniture, wooden flooring, gothic art and decorations as mentioned above, candelabrums, antique chairs and coffee tables. For the color of the walls you can pick either of the aforementioned hues.  Use paint or stained glass film to create a stained glass look and enhance the Gothic quotient of your living room.

  • Bedroom

Either of dark, elegant, romantic, cultural, artistic, spooky, or mix and match design can be selected to give your bedroom a gothic look that matches your overall gothic theme. Make use of large canopied beds with canopies made of heavy velvet material with curtains hanging across on either side. Keep the lighting gentle that creates a gothic as well as a romantic ambiance. You can also make use of hanging lanterns to enhance the gothic theme.

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