Size matters – Choosing a bed that is the right size for your needs


Did you know we spend about a third of our lives sleeping? With such a large proportion of our time allocated to this one purpose, it is essential that a bed is perfect in every way to ensure you get the best possible night’s sleep every night of the week. When it comes to beds, size really does matter. From mattress size to choosing the right size and style of frame, there’s a lot to think about but you can rest assured the right choice will see you sleeping in comfort and style for years to come.


While a basic mattress does the job just fine, there is a huge range of exciting double bed mattresses which have a lot to offer, whether you are seeking extreme comfort for a refreshing night’s sleep or if you have more specific requirements, such as mattresses that can support those with back problems.

There are mattresses on the market which are specifically designed for Orthopaedic care. Crafted with wire frames for extra strength and specially adapted coil spring units, they provide the extra strength, support and comfort ideal for back care.

Most mattresses boast enhanced levels of comfort and support but none so much than the memory mattress. Memory foam technology was developed by NASA and moulds to your body, providing a greater level of support than traditional fillings.

From cashmere heaven to orthopaedic miracle workers, mattresses really do make all the difference. Team your brand new mattress with super soft bedding and you’ll be in sumptuous comfort tonight and for years to come!

Bed Frames

Of course, if you are working with a smaller space it is sometimes best to opt for a single bed in order to fit in essential bedroom furniture such as wardrobes, desks and storage solutions. However, if you have the space available, a double bed can provide that extra comfort to relieve you of the day’s stresses. If you are considering a double bed, you will need a frame to go with it.

Far from serving a strictly functional purpose, frames for double beds come in all sorts of stylish designs. A solid wooden frame gives a room a warm, natural glow and is very easy to match with accessories and other bedroom furniture; a black frame and faux leather headboard gives a glamorous bedroom an additional touch of luxury and a bed frame with a white finish can bestow a soothing and tranquil atmosphere on a modern room.

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