Guns N’ Roses clothes dryer in road case for hard rock fans

If you wish to dry your innerwear in a dyer that was probably used by Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses to dry his bandannas, you need to head straight to eBay. Up for grabs is the W-10 Kenmore Ultra Fabric Care clothes dryer that was once owned by the famous Guns N’ Roses hard rock band. The clothes dryer comes in vented road case and weighs in at 278 pounds. Guns N’ Roses touring crew is clearing out a bunch of equipment and props from their warehouse to make space for new possessions. The dryer with wheels was in working condition prior to storage and hasn’t been tested lately. However, the seller says it to be in overall good condition. The current bid sits at US $112.

Via: AVclub/eBay

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