Mother Nature inspired FloorLeaf lamp by Sofian Tallal

Designed by French-Jordanian product designer and development consultant Sofian Tallal, who runs Tallal Product Development, the Floor Leaf is the first product from the firm’s NatureLight collection of nature-inspired lamps. The pull switch, which is in the shape of a dewdrop, is suspended from the top leaf and turns on the integrated LED lamp diffuser. The smaller leaf has been designed to work as a reading light and can be rotated 250-degrees to suit your needs. It features a G4-socket LED bulb that’s activated with the shoot-shaped dimmer placed below the stem.

The FloorLeaf floor lamp will be available in dark green, dark grey, white, bright red, deep orange, bright green, purple and yellow after the crowd funding is done successfully. Moreover, the interested can custom order the base of the lamp in natural polished granite stone. If everything goes in their favor, they will start shipping the FloorLeaf lamp by early 2013.

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