HI-MACS covered Sitting Bull long chair pays tribute to an Indian warrior

Sitting Bull chaise lounge

An impressive sculpture realized in HI-MACS, the Sitting Bull chaise lounge pays tribute to Indian warrior, a Sioux tribal chief who was also a holy man. Designed by Islé Phippaz for the Swiss brand Kil Codig, the elegant Sitting Bull long chair is a sculptured aerial nest that lets you lie on it and relax. Made from steel and covered entirely with solid surface HI-MACS, the Sitting Bull is perfect for use both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its UV light and weather-conditioned resistance. The aim of the project was to create a sculptural and unusual object that draws inspiration from emotions.

The metaphorical shape of the Sitting Bull is a combination of a bull and a bird, which units the concepts of strength and lightness. While lying on the horns of Sitting bull, one feels like floating in the air. One of the major challenges while building the Sitting Bull was to find the points of balance, stability and flexibility for the horns, as it was a serious task to have the 3-meter length bear the weight of over 200 kg without any central support. To address the same, HI-MACS was chosen as the material, as it offers high flexibility.

The entire structure has been fully covered with thermoformed HI-MACS, which also allowed the use of a range of colors and finishes to make the Sitting Bull eye-catching in appearance. The horns can be detached for easier transport.

Sitting Bull HI-MACS

Sitting Bull long chair

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