Home décor themes for the adventurer and traveler in you

There are endless ways of decorating your home and of converting your dream into reality. Home decor is an integral part for making your home look beautiful and appealing. The type of decor you choose speaks volumes for your personality and likes. If you are a person who travels a lot or loves adventure, then decorating your home can become a unique way of converting your passion into a theme for your house. Let us look at a few home decor tips that you can consider to bring out the love for your passion.

Map posters for your walls

One of the basic things that any traveler uses is a map. Well now this can become one decore idea that you can use for your walls. You can frame and hang a large sized map on the wall of your living room. To add a unique touch to it, you can also post a few photos just next to the country you have visited as a memory.


Postcards to make a collection of customized Mason jar moments

For a traveler, every moment spent on the road is a dream come true. Well now, you can keep these moments right in front of you by collecting various post cards and placing them in mason jars. To bring in a different feel to you, you can also use different colored sand and small decorations and create a theme. For example, if you love scuba diving or snorkeling, then you can create the concept of an underwater reef in the Mason jar. Add a few small fish, a starfish, some seashells and a postcard of different corals and you have very own underwater Mason jar decor.

An airplane stand for your wine bottle

If you are one of those who love to have a bar in their house and share a passion for traveling, then you can make a unique bar by having bottle holders in the shape of differently sized airplanes. Another idea on this front would be of having a small rock typed design on the wall and placing small shelves for keeping the bottles.

Hot air balloon globe hangings

In this unique decor idea, you can convert a globe into the form of a hot air balloon by attaching a decently sized basket with the help of twines. You can also attach a light inside and hang it on the ceiling as a lighting fixture. This will serve the dual purpose of decorating your home as well as getting a unique looking lighting fixture.


Ship wheel cutting board and knife holder

Instead of a regular cutting board, you can have one that looks like a ship wheel. This will not only act as a cutting board, but you can also hang it in the kitchen when not in use and it becomes a nice decorative piece.  You can also make it as a knife holder wherein the handles will actually be wooden knives so that you can use it whenever you need.

Map printed upholstery and crockery

You can also have map printed crockery for your dinning collection. You can also have map printed posters. For your cushions, you can upholstery or covers that have prints of different country maps or even other aspects such as the seaside, the mountains, rivers, and a lake in the midst of a forest etc.

A side table/shelves in the design of a suitcase

Another perfect way of bringing out the traveler in you is by making a customized side table that is the form of a suitcase. You can also do this by converting your old suitcase into a side table by placing it on a simple wooden one. This is the perfect way of making a storage area. If you choose to make it out of a wood, then it can also become a nice study table. You can also consider making small sized suitcase shaped shelves and place them on the wall. This can be used to store stuff not just outside but also inside.

City raised buildings magazine holders

Another beautiful way of bringing out the passion that you share is of having magazine holders that resemble the city-raised buildings. You can make this yourself by converting a regular plastic magazine holding into a design of rows of skyscrapers and paint it the way you want. If you search the internet, you may also get a readymade one.

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